Day 3: A beautiful fall morning

Today’s agenda:  4-mile run

Took on some babysitting responsibilities this morning.  Well Melissa did, I’m just kinda there.  Her sister got selected to serve her patriotic duty – jury duty.  Okay, I’m not sure anyone see’s it as anything else but an annoyance.

So, of course, jury duty has to begin before the sun fully rises.  So Melissa and I had to be back by 6:45, meaning we needed to be up by 5 and out the door by 5:30.  A little earlier than usual but we easily made it thanks to Jezebel, my cat, who gave us a 10-minute head start this morning.

It was a beautiful morning, – how many times does a runner say that in one’s life! – the temperature was around 55 degrees.  The warm-up was a touch chill.  I think that was more because I have been stuck in weeks of 80+ degree weather.  This morning’s temperature on race day is a runner’s dream.

Melissa was anxious to get out the door.  She was wanting to break in her new Nike Lunarfly shoes.  It is the lightest shoe I’ve ever picked up.  Plus I’m totally jealous because the shoes have my favorite color combination – orange and black.  But last night at the Finish Line I had my eye on some orange shoe-laces which would help color up my running shoes.

Melissa and I ran around East Lake, then through a nearby neighborhood.  One thing about getting up this early is that you definitely feel all alone.  Few people were out except for a guy chasing his tiny white dog across the street – I was a hero and captured the pooch.  Then we trailed through a t0-be-developed area and back home.

I finished the 4 miles in 43:18 with a pace of 10:37.  Nothing much else occurred on the run except for my headphones shorted out again.

Word of advice:  If you run with an iPod, or discman (if they still exist), I recommend buying a back-up pair.  I go through headphones like they have an expiration date.  So that’s about every four months I’m having to find a replacement.  So I always have two pairs on hand.

When buying consider the company and if they offer a lifetime warranty.  Last year I purchased a pair of Koss headphones.  They have a lifetime warranty.  For $6.50 (for shipping), I can return my broken equipment and receive a new pair at no charge.  Saves me a bundle!

Get out and fill your passion bucket,



About kdenny01

I became a father at 32 years. Hadley Elise has given me so much joy and has been another chapter in my life telling me not to be afraid. Fatherhood is awesome.
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