Day 4: Accuracy is key

Today’s agenda:  3 mile run

Welcome back,

This morning’s run could have been bad.  Should have.  The alarm didn’t go off at its usual 6:00 a.m. time nor did Jezebel wake me -first time in a week she’s managed that feat.

Luckily I am an early-riser.  So I woke at 6:45, dressed, managed to poke my contacts in, downed a glass of chocolate almond milk, and met Melissa by the door shortly after 7.  Whew!

Good thing it was a short run on the schedule because getting ready was stressful enough.  An early start did not matter so much today.  For the second day in a row, Colorado has provided sub-60 degree weather for my runs.  Didn’t even need sunglasses today.

Our warm-up consisted of a little walking and a photo shoot, so we could play on iPhoto later today.

We ran the trail behind our town home to Shadow Ridge Middle School.  They have a track.  Our Nike+ senors were needing some recalibration. A track is an excellent place to do it since the distances are measurable.

To calibrate, the runner needs to go at their “normal” pace.  If I only have to run a mile I’ll try to get under 9 minutes.  With some discipline, I managed to keep a 10 minute pace.  It was nice not to push myself.

It was a short run back home and the temperature hadn’t gone up much.  Barely over 60 degrees.  Maybe Colorado doesn’t know it’s July.

Word of Advice:  Set multiple alarms.  Alarms can be tricky.  Depending if you are getting up for a race or just a training run, you might want a back-up or a back-up for the back-up.  You never can be too careful, especially setting the alarm before race-day.

Get out and fill your passion bucket,


me running near the beginning of the Brantner Garner Open Space trail.

Melissa and me before the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half-Marathon


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I became a father at 32 years. Hadley Elise has given me so much joy and has been another chapter in my life telling me not to be afraid. Fatherhood is awesome.
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2 Responses to Day 4: Accuracy is key

  1. Melissa says:

    Next time I expect more pictures in your blog…maybe even a slide show or a movie!

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