Day 5: Down-time leads to boredom

Today’s agenda:  Rest.

Welcome back,

morning paper and coffee

After three days of good running, a day off is much deserved.  Today should be easy enough.  So far I have made some coffee and read the newspaper, listened to a few podcasts, ate breakfast, and played with Jezebel.  A good start at accomplishing the day’s task.

Jezebel, best kitty in the whole world

There are only a few rest days in which I truly do nothing.  Most rest days consist of some kind of activity – hiking, walking, biking, stuff around the house – which Hal Higdon says  is fine.  He advises to take it light with cross-training actives, such as biking or swimming, that work different muscles.

Remember, I am following Higdon’s Marathon Training: Novice plan.

The reason for this experts say is to prevent injury.  I have always incorporated cross-training and rest into my training.  So far I’ve had no major injuries and only a couple minor ones.

Later this afternoon I plan to go do some errands via bicycle.  So I’ll count that in my activity.  If I get out soon enough I could avoid the heat.  However, I am writing about my trials of marathon training to those in the blogosphere.  What could be more important!

I hear so many people talk about running being so much work.  When I began Couch to 5k I don’t think I ever felt like that.  I had my days, and still do, in which I would rather lie in bed or just not run.  But I have never felt running to be like work.  I enjoy the competitiveness, runners I’ve met, settings I would never have seen, and most of all the sense of accomplishment.

I like the confused look on people’s face when I mention I am training for a marathon.  It is true, not all runners are 6’2″ and have the legs to make an incredibly long stride.  “Yes, a marathon…Indeed, 26.2 miles,” I have to repeat over and over as some find it hard to believe I would have such a goal.

Sometimes sitting at my computer I will take a look over my left shoulder.  I smile at the medals that signify “Yes, I did it.”

Word of advice:  Use rest day’s to re-charge your motivation.  A runner can get so intense in training that it becomes a chore.  Pick up a cross-training activity to do on those rest days.  It will help to remind us in our training as to why we run:  it’s fun!

Get out and fill your passion bucket,


Me and my favorite running partners - Melissa (right) and my mom (left).


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I became a father at 32 years. Hadley Elise has given me so much joy and has been another chapter in my life telling me not to be afraid. Fatherhood is awesome.
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