Day 8:

Today’s Agenda:  Rest

Welcome back,

I swapped yesterday’s schedule with today’s.  So no rest and took myself to the gym.

We wanted to end our gym membership today but of course they make the process so hard to do that it seems easier just to keep shelling out the money.  They don’t know who they are messing with!

Well not a great way to start the workout.  But we will hunt down that manager and quit before long.  Not that we don’t like having access to the gym but we want to reach the debt free life.  And Dave Ramsey would say a gym isn’t a necessity.

I got out that anger on the stationary bike.  Did the Hills+ workout for about 45 minutes.

Now, I haven’t been to the gym lately.  Actually it has been quite awhile (another reason to get rid of the membership).  My body didn’t re-adjust very well.

After 25 minutes my legs started tingling/aching.  It was weird but it was mild.  I had to take a pit-stop after 35 minutes because I was starting to become light headed.  I got back on and managed another 5-10 minutes but when I got off I felt as if I completed a half-marathon with a hangover.

It was weird.  So glad to be done with it though.  Now I have a day of writing this article ahead of me.  Oh boy!

For those who haven’t thought about, or are reluctant, to try out some new running gear I thought I would show what Melissa and I run in and why it helps us.

Kyle's gear

(from top to bottom)

  • sunglasses/contacts (head) – I have had to squint for 18 years.  This past year I finally went in for contacts.  I only wear them for running but am happy I got them.
  • iPod 4th generation w/ nike headphones – I prefer Koss’ P9 headphones.  Same style but they have a toggle for volume on the cord for easy access.  Plus a lifetime warranty.  That pair is actually in the mail and I can’t wait to get a fresh pair.
  • technical shirt – It is tough to watch people run in a regular t-shirt.  Tech shirts are worth the money.  Heck, a lot of races are giving them instead of t-shirts.
  • Nike+ watch (on wrist) – I am clumsy and don’t need to risk dropping my iPod while running.  This gives me easy access to see my mileage.
  • Road I.D. (on wrist)- Every runner should have one.  It can be easily purchased for $20.  It can contain your name/city/emergency contact/allergies/etc. and puts your family at ease knowing you have one.
  • compression shorts – have a problem chafing?  This is the miracle cure.  Be courteous, these are meant to be worn under shorts.  I’m sure we all have caught a glimpse of the guy just in compression shorts sporting a huge bulge!
  • mesh shorts – Melissa thinks it is weird to run in them but they work for me.
  • technical socks.  My brand is DeFeet.  “Let your feet breath.”  Sounds weird but try them and you’ll never go back to running in cotton socks.
  • Nike shoes – Vapor Quick2 is my third pair of Nike running shoes.  I have also worn Brooks.  I suggest supporting your local running store and getting the right shoe form for your foot.
  • Nike+ sensor in a Lace lid (on shoe) – the sensor is the other part of Nike+.  Allows the watch to read my progress.  A Lace lid can be bought at and it holds the chip otherwise your shoes need to be Nike+ applicable which have a hole in the sole.
  • Nike shoe wallet (other shoe) – For people like me that must lock the door, its more secure than your pocket.  Also can throw in some money in case of emergency.

The only thing missing on me is my visor.  It has a sweat technology band.  I wear it on long runs when I know I’ll sweat along or when it is too sunny.  I sometimes slip a towel in my waist.  But usually only for races.

Melissa's gear

(from top to bottom)

  • A  headband (head) – Though this is not an example of one Melissa has had problems with headbands (such as goody brand) falling out and not doing their job.  She recommends for all your headband needs.
  • iPod Touch with ear buds – She doesn’t have a problem with the buds falling out.
  • Technical shirt- it is huge but was in a gift from myself in celebration of completing couch to 5k.
  • iPod belt (around waist) – Holds her Touch.  Has a pouch for money, keys, etc.
  • Road I.D. (on wrist)
  • Sweat wicking capris
  • Technical socks
  • Nike+ shoes – Nike LunarFly.  The lightest shoe I have ever held.  Melissa also got MY favorite colors…so jealous.  They have the sole insert for the chip so she doesn’t use a Lace lid.

I am looking forward to the week ahead.  Hope you will return to see my progress.

Get out and fill your passion bucket,


Me representing the Nugget's Birdman - just like Rodman without the sexual tension.


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