Day 18: Back in the flow

Today’s Agenda:  3 miles
Time – 29:34
Pace – 9:49

Welcome readers,

A great maintenance run.  3 miles has become what I always heard growing up from my mom, who has run 10 marathons.  She would always say “I ONLY ran three miles this morning,” or “its JUST three miles.”  And my eyes would roll.

I thought she was crazy.  Now when I look at the schedule and see 3 miles, I sometimes breath a sigh of relief and say “JUST three miles.”  Oh how far I’ve come!

It was tough getting out of bed.  It was a cool 64 degrees outside and I wanted to stay in bed.  Luckily – well not really – our upstairs toilet is broken.  So the jog downstairs woke me up enough that I was not going back to sleep.

This morning felt like a warm fall day – able to wear a t-shirt and shorts but never feeling hot – and my running appreciated that.  I got off to a good start, slowing only to tighten my shorts.  The end came fast.  My pace was fast for a maintenance run but I never felt out of breath.  If only I could hold today’s pace for the entire 13.1 miles!

I am less than a month away from the San Diego trip.  Starting next week I’m going to straighten out my diet and find some things to improve on for the upcoming weeks till America’s Finest City Half-Marathon.  It will be my first time in California.

Word of Advice:  Get something to measure your distance.  I have the Nike+ watch.  Or you can get the Nike+ through your iPod which is half the cost.  They are accurate.  Plus they are much cheaper than a Garmin watch.

Get out and fill your passion bucket,


Samantha, Melissa, and me hiking in Colorado Springs.


About kdenny01

I became a father at 32 years. Hadley Elise has given me so much joy and has been another chapter in my life telling me not to be afraid. Fatherhood is awesome.
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