Day 25: $1.50 Cheesecake day!

Today’s Agenda:  3-mile run
Time – 32:16
Pace – 10:45/mile


Hopefully you all joined the Cheesecake Factory Facebook page and received your invite.  Deffinately had to get in this run so I can enjoy my delicious slice guilt-free!

Colorado suddenly got humid.  This morning it was nearing 70 percent humidity.  My head and shirt were soaked again.  Hopefully it lets up soon.  Then again, I’ll be in San Diego soon.  I can only imagine it to be pretty humid also.

I have been having trouble getting out of bed lately.  I don’t think I’ve been getting to sleep as early as I would like.  I blame the stress of finals week for the dreams and lack of getting into a deep sleep.

Yet I made it out the door.  The air felt cool.  That changed real fast.  I ran a loop starting near my home and going around Holly Street.

It started out fine.  The run was rather boring, but that is kind of what I expect from a maintenance run.  I did struggle on mile 2.  The desire to walk almost overwhelmed me.

That happened on yesterday’s run too.  I am blaming the humidity these past couple days.  It is something to keep an eye on and hopefully the bad habit goes away.

Word of Advice:    Research show that runners who run with music on treadmills run farther and feel less effort than those without tunes.  That is from the August issue of Runner’s World.

Go out and fill your passion bucket,


Melissa and me at the Pepsi Center to see the Nuggets.


About kdenny01

I became a father at 32 years. Hadley Elise has given me so much joy and has been another chapter in my life telling me not to be afraid. Fatherhood is awesome.
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2 Responses to Day 25: $1.50 Cheesecake day!

  1. kdenny01 says:

    The cheesecake was awesome. Finally tried the Red Velvet Cheesecake:)

  2. Melissa says:

    Not diggin the picture of us at the nuggets game…I look gross!

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