Day 43 and 44: Relief and encouraged

Monday’s Agenda:  Rest.
Tuesday’s Agenda:  3-mile run.


Today I am home in Colorado!  Jezebel is excited and now things can get back to normal.  After a day’s rest, it starts with a 3-mile run.

Monday I had to jam my sore legs in the small confines of my airplane seat.  During the flight my thighs aged 30 years.  Walking to the baggage claim, I felt the full the aches and pains that come from running 13.1 miles and sitting on an airplane for 2 hours.

Once home I unpacked, ate, and did not even think about exercise.  I enjoyed sleeping in my own bed last night.

I awoke invigorated.  Then I got out of bed.  The soreness still was there.  But I got up and out the door for an errand run.

An errand run consists of planning your route in accordance to errands that need to be completed.  I ran to the post office and the bread store before returning home.  It added a little more mileage than I expected.  I covered 3.5 miles and ran with a backpack full of bread for the last mile.

Word of Advice:  Set multiple alarms.  I am so paranoid about not waking up.  Before my past half marathon I had a wake-up call, Melissa and me both had our cell phone alarms, plus I set the room’s clock alarm.  Paranoid?  Maybe, but I got up!

Get out and fill your passion bucket,



About kdenny01

I became a father at 32 years. Hadley Elise has given me so much joy and has been another chapter in my life telling me not to be afraid. Fatherhood is awesome.
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One Response to Day 43 and 44: Relief and encouraged

  1. Melissa says:

    seriously…that backpack “full of bread” must have added on the pounds! LOL dorkface

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