Day 57 and 58: Inspiration one day, dumpsville the next.

Pain has inflicted itself on my foot just 8 weeks before the Denver Marathon.  Luckily I can run on it.  Melissa says my stride is awkward (Haha, no she wasn’t being mean).  I am not a doctor so is it serious or what?  It isn’t super painful but it has nagged me for a couple weeks.  I’ll try icing it tonight.  Hope it helps.  Pretty sure my foot must fall off in order for me to miss out on my first marathon.

The run itself was great.  The weather just may be cooling down.  The temperature was 55 degrees with a coolness in the air.  Perfect!  I held a 10:24 pace for the 4-mile run.  A piece of cake compared to Sunday’s 16-mile run.

That night I attended a presentation at the Road Runner Westminster location.  Fellow Coloradan Jerry Armstrong is an ultra marathoner. He spoke how to properly train for a marathon and further distances (I’m pretty sure I am limiting myself to 26.2 miles, for now).

The presentation included nutrition information, proper form and technique, and personal testimonies about overcoming obstacles.  One guy weighed 320 lbs, within 5 years he’s 170 lbs and an ultra marathoner.  The presentation was very uplifting and provided somethings to try before I rock n’ roll at the Denver Marathon.

Then came this morning.  Ugh!  I wish I could forget it.  I made 5.28 miles of the 8 scheduled.  It took 1:00:03 but an 11:22 pace isn’t bad concerning the fact I had a code brown.

What is a code brown?  Well if the name doesn’t give it away, I would advise listening to the podcast that created the term, Two Gomers Run a Marathon.  They are two of the funniest guys.  It is inspirational and a whole lot of fun to listen to.

I have read that often foods taken before “an accident” are blamed for it.  Not the case.  It is usually eaten 24 hours before.  Last night I went to a buffet.  There’s the culprit!

The run was horrible.  Let us all move on with our days and not talk about the disaster that is still plaguing my bowels.

Get out and fill your passion bucket,


Sunny california:)


About kdenny01

I became a father at 32 years. Hadley Elise has given me so much joy and has been another chapter in my life telling me not to be afraid. Fatherhood is awesome.
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