Aspen Valley Marathon

I made this playlist in 2013 but never used it for any of my races.  I like – no, love – to build playlists for running.  I typically have 2 0r 3 lists in queue for upcoming running events.

Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm (2001)

This song begins my playlist creation for the Aspen Valley Marathon in July.  I really enjoy building off songs that were popular (for however short a time it may have been) during my youth.

Do you listen to music while running?  What are some of your favorite songs to run to?  I am always looking for recommendations for a new list.  I am up for almost any suggestions – techno, Christian, pop, heavy metal, or any podcasts that are good to listen to while running. Leave your suggestions in the comments and I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Running,



About kdenny01

I am 28. Two years ago I made a bet with my mom that wound up getting me to strap on a pair of running shoes and do a 5k. Now I'm training for the Denver Marathon.
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